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SEYMOUR DAILY TRIBUNE. SEYMOUR. IND. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 6, J950 AGE TWO representative audited the city's books for 1948 and 1941 to check Redding Township the city does not itemize, for Instance, what it pays street employes.

Councilman Gregory said: "What's to stop them from ap Continued from page 1 on swimming pool receipts. Mr. Lucas said the tax man contended the books were out of DR. ROBERT FEOEN DENTIST $14 Sooth Chestaoi ftU-Fhosw Ml ornci HOURS; dQ A.M. to 13 to IP.M.

CLOSED WEDNESDAYS 78.8 bushels. tor uwiMc': The Indiana Com Growers' As propriating $20,000 extra!" order if the city owns Freeman Mr. Lucas read a section of Field. A $1,000 exemption was icing claimed by both the city and the' aviation department state law which said a list of all employes and the amount paid should be attached to the appropriation. sociation, the organization In In diana which has been the pionee in coy improvement and ir the' improvement of other ag ricultural seeds, awards medal for officially checked yields' tc adults who produce yields abov 85 bushels and to 4-H member; Mr.

Montgomery commented: The council should have re quired that beforehand." PRESTO COOKERS USE OUR XMAS LAYAWAY PLAN! "We've always been third fid who produce yields above 11 bushels. dle," Councilman Boicourt said. We've never had the information A bronze medal is awarded foi we should' have had." Editorials Rcqge Learc Truth The Russians always say they are fpr peace. They assert tha Americans who are unfriendly and warlike. In spite of our long and futile efforts to engage Russia sincerely in measures of lasting peaca, there still art some who belie we have not tried hard enough.

'For them, reoent' experience of o. John Rogge at the Peace Congress In Warsaw may prove helpful. Sogge always tried hard to get the Russian viewpoint, and frequently was Reclaimed in the Communist press. ut at this meeting, which was dominated by the Reds, he had the temerity to utter some simple truths. He declared that the United State was not guilty of aggression in Korea, and even charged that the Communists are using force to impress their Ideas on the world.

These words came from a man who had been friendly to Russia, yet ht dared to present criticism of the Soviet Union and Communist tactics. In a flash ha was, discredited by the Russians because he dared to speak what thought was the This deeD-seated characteristic of Russian think Councilman Hanco*ck asked if there was somebody "In Indianapolis" who could "come down and explain all this." official yields above 75 bushel per acre and under 85 bushels, tr Junior members only. Silver med als are awarded to both adult anc Junior members for yields above 85 bushels and under 100 bushels Gold medals go io those who pro Stalin's strategy, like that of Hitler before him, is to divide and conquer. The real strength of Democratic countries is complete unity in the present world crisis. Washington Daybook By Peter Edson NEA Washington Correspondent Washington (NEA) Plans for a 90-to-100-group Air Force are now being prepared in Washington.

Present authorized strength of the Air Force is 70 groups. As this congressional authorization is being carried out by the Air Force, it will be a 69-group organization, with a number- of separate squadrons for troop weather reporting and other 'special missions. Up until the Korean crisis broke, Department of Defense plans called' for expansion of the present 48-group-plus Air Force to 58 groups by the end of 1951. In a second stage, the 58 groups were to be increased to 89 by the end of 1953. The 69-group Air Force was based on support for an Army of 800,000 men.

Now that the Army is talking about ground force strength of 1,500,000 men, a doubling of Air Force strength might seem to be in order. Present authorized strength for the 48-group Air Force is 416,000 men. For the 58-group Air Force, 568,000 men would be No figures have been given on how many men would be required for a 69 or a 100-group Air Force. Explain what?" Mr. Montgom where only one exemption could be allowed.

Mr. Lucas asked the council: "Does the aviation department belong to the city or not?" "Yes," Mayor Heiwig said. Jurisdiction Disputed "Is it under the jurisdiction of the city Mr. Lucas asked. "No," the mayor said.

"Yes," Councilman Jesse Him-ler said. Not according to the 1949 acts (of the state legislature)," Mayor Heiwig said. "I'm asking," Mr. Lucas said. "Not speaking as the city clerk; I'm asking as the city treasurer trying to do his job." He said he was getting tired of trouble "over appropriations" and "running to the state board to get straightened out." Mr.

Montgomery said the tax representative was right, that only one exemption could be claimed. Mr. Lucas said he h3d been told by the chairman of the aviation commission that he had no ery asked. "Let's keep this clear. Appropriations are up to the council; you hold the purse duce official yields above 100 bushels.

strings. All details of management The purpose of the five-acre of the field are up to. the commis project is to demonstrate sound sion." management practices that go to produce superior yields. The spon "If Freeman Field should hap JliiDstleceDvedl sors have never promoted this ae a contest, but rather as a means of pen to be in the commission's name," Mayor Heiwig commented, "then everything would be legal." demonstrating the fact, that good seed planted on fertile soil with good management practices and Never Saw Dead Councilman Boicourt. said it ing is one of the really great barriers to any ac- mrr4 Pact nfwi A7cf Ca 1ntf am tha Cnv.

favorable growing conditions may was supposed to be made out to reasonably be expected to produce the city when the council signed high yields. for it. He 'added: "We never saw the deed." Membership is open to any per son interested in these factors. Mr. Montgomery said he be icts dwell in their upside-down land where war is peace and aggression is self-defense, words can't have the same meaning for us as for them.

There's no channel through which we can reach the men in the Kremlin. We don't speak the same language. And they discourage every-slight effort. to learn even a law words in common. lieved the deed had been made out authority over airport BDDropT-tions.

He said a contract had been signed for runway lighting There have, in fact, as yet been no official ad Several Groups Continued from page 1 to the commission, though he doubted its right to hold title. He said a new quit-claim deed might without his knowledge. 'The other day I found the air missions that the 100-group Air Force was under consideration. Closest thing to an official statement on this subject so far has been Air Secretary Thomas K. Finnletter's.

recent "Battle Report1, I I' be necessary. eluded in the baskets. Mr. Lucas Ms. Lucas said airport budgets said that the requests will be port pay roll shoved under the door," he said.

"One of the employe's salary had been doubled. Can a member of the park board for the past two years were not taken care of when the distribu tion is made. legally appropriated because the broadcast. In that he said: "Even with 69 groups we must not become complacent, but must be constantly on the alert to develop better planes, bet break-down was not published double his salary? And I didn't Persons desiring to make con know about it." tribution are urged report He said a commission contract had been filed for $6,700 adver Councilman ter men, better techniques." Even here, it is noteworthy that the air secre them at once so the Legion com Himler wanted to know. tised but with no purchasing order issued.

Another $4,000 in mitte will know in advance how much they will have to spend "From $250 to $500," Mr. Lucas tary did not talk about "more" planes, but about "better" planes. In fact, the 100-group plan goes sid. on the baskets and toys. purchases had not been advertised, he said, adding that he refused to Limited number of Douglas Fir Christmas Trees from the Canadian "A week?" Councilman Himler Contributions may be left at far beyond the reports prepared by Sen.

Owen Brewster's joint congressional commission in 1947 asked. sign the checks since the approp- Clearing ijie Air J. G. Berger, mem bar of the New Jersey Commission on Air Pollution Control and a consulting engineer, offered some helpful comments about the problem of smoke, aoof and" fumes the other day. He spoke at a meeting of the New Jersey Health Officers' Association in Atlantic City.

And as he spoke of -the cause arid cure of air pollution, timely confirnlatiori of foe importance of his subject came from Dr. Charencc A. Iflls of the University of Cincinnati. testifying before a state commission investigating the Los Angeles smog problem, Dr. Mills said air' pollution had caused 312 deaths in "Los Angeles County in two years.

Hundreds of others die elsewhere every year from respiratory infections caused by polluted air, said Dr. Mills. Mr. Berger placed responsibility 'for pollution on and the President's Air Policy Commission report The clerk-treasurer told him it was a monthly salary. Later, when asked by Councilman Paul The Seymour National Bank or at The Tribune.

Names of donors, regardless of amount given, Will be published in The Tribune. of 1948. Rockies. Guaranteed not to shatter One reason there have been no official statements B. Gregory, he identified the em iation balance was only $4,600.

He said a "friendly" court suit would be required. "Why are we involved if they've got all the controls?" Councilman Himler asked. Councilman Brackemyre sug ploye as Guy R. Hamlin airport on this subject is that all the involved calculations necessary to balance air, ground and sea forces manager. Only Bonded Official "Who's to write the check? or shed.

Make your selection now we'll reserve your choice and deliver i. when you are ready. have not been completed. But President Truman has indicated that requests for additional military funds will be presented to the lame duck session Mr. Lucas asked.

"I'm the only city official who's bonded ex of Congress. gested that the airport deed be checked and that a commission be formed "if we don't have one. In the meantime I don't see why cept for the police department re got to watch every check. Principal immediate need for more money for the 'Air Force is to meet price rises. Air Force Undersecretary Johny A.

McCone testified on this Ralph should 'libel' himself for ALL TREES DELIVERED FREE INSIDE SEYMOUR CITY LIMITS' signing checks without an appro industry. Chimneys wotrt smoke if fuel plants are properly maintained and equipped, he said. There are devices to trap all noxious odors, fumes asked Montgomery and he said I'd better check with the state board. They said: 'Don't subject just before Confress adjourned in Sep- priation." tember. ana ausis.

a smomng emmney means that fuel Doctor-Kidnaper Pleads Innocent xt. Santa Fe, N. Dec. 6 (JP) Dr. Nancy Campbell pleaded innocent Tuesday in the $20,000 ransom kidnaping of nine-year-old' Linda Stemm.

She preliminary hearing at her arraignment. Her trial next spring. Conviction carries a penalty of five years in prison' to death. Four Santa Fe residents posted the $40,000 bond. The prominent physician waa nabbed by 30 FBI agents and Dolice November 11 83 she Mayor Heiwig pointed out the benefits derived by the city from sign; that will stop So didn't sign." Mr.

Lucas referred to, the run Secretary McCone said then that increases in the prices of aluminum, copper," tin, rubber and Freeman Field and praised the manager and commission on the way lighting again and said the commission chairman had told other -materials used in" aircraft manufacture, plus certain wage increases then in sight, would average out to' an increase of from seven to eight per him money had been appro work being done. Other officials agreed a meeting should be arranged to work out differences in a friendly manner. SEMCE CORP. 611 WEST TIPTON PHONE 810 priated for the 'project. He add is oemg wasrea.

is Deicning not oniy smoxe out dollars. Industry can save substantial sums, Mr. Berger pointed out, by efficient combustion of its fuel, and much of the soot and fames carry pa r-liclOs of salvagable metals and acids. Industry has been singularly la in this matter. Askie from its obligation to help protect the health and comfort of the community, self-interest alone should hava' produced voluntary correction- of wasteful, unwholesoraa conditions.

cent in plane costs. ed: The present Air Force budget for the fiscal year "I -'said: "Where? He said: 'In one ct the Iti isn't." Use Tribune Classified Ad) ending next June 30 is $9 billion. Of this roughly $4,500,000,000 is" for procurement of 4428 new air "If the airport's Seymour's, it should go through the reached for the ransom package Councilman William H. Boicourt craft. Eight per cent of this latter would mean that the Air Force would need 1360,000,000 mora to complete the 58-group Air Force.

This is, said. "You keep your name off planted by Allen Stamm, unaa wealthv steD-father. The child, ofythat check. They've by-passed Billions Fcr Allies djingged but unharmed, was found of course, exclusive of the $2,278,000,000 for Naval aircraft and the $1,148,000,000 now authorized for Gifts The Whole Family Enjoys nearoy Torelgh military assistance aircraft procurement. Defense Attorney A.

L. Zlnn us a lot Nowthe state board says we have the say. Their appropriations have to be made and presented before the council like the other departments." Asked to translate the increased costs into terms Americans awakened to the fact that the billions, in gifts, donated to this country's allies the last five years, and may be as gone. of how many planes the Air Focce would lose, Sec has indicated the defense will be based on grounds Dr. Campbell was insane when she kidnaped the girl.

Councilman Harden Hanco*ck retary McCone said that if the whole $360,000,000 cut were taken in one type of plane, the F-86 jet, pointed out that the airport budget appropriations always have been presented before the council. it would mean 750 fewer planes by the end of 1951 Under the 69-group program, the heaviest ex Mr. Lucas said the law requires pense for aircraft procurement was to be the $4, City Aviation Continued from page 1 500,000,000 in the current fiscal year. Costs for the aviation commission to submit an estftnate of the number of employes and' the amount to be. paid them for the year.

He said the two erouns "eet together" and work out their differences in he refused to pay the. salary in crease but if the council would approve it, he would pay it; a friendly manner. Mayor Donald Heiwig commented that neither the airport manager nor commission should He continued" that the law re Prior to World War II, the Western Europeans were anxious to have this country as an 'ally to save them from ruin. Failing to get the United Stages involved, Ingland tried appeasem*nt at Munich. While' frantic efforts were under way to.

get this country into World War II, England stiffened its attitude, but France, Communist infested, succumbed. Europe was saved when the Japanese struck at Pearl Harbor: Now this country is face to face with Russia. It is trying to play with England's Socialistic government and encourage France so that they will not run out on their England and France want to appease Red China, if not Russia. London recognized the Red China government months ago. Eisenhower rushed down to the Pentagon a month ago to assume command of the West European Defense Forces, but no forces appeared to command, and he returned to New York.

quires commission members to be "condemned," adding that they doin a "wonderful job" file an oath of office with the city clerk within 30 days after their next year, at pre-Korean prices, were to be then $1,200,000,000 in 1953 and $2 billion in 1954.. For the years after that, in replacing worn out and obsolete aircraft, costs were expected to level off at about $2,800,000,000 a year. DAILY BIBLE THOUGHT Press and Fadlo Copy Presented fey The Radio BIBLE SEAVIO BURIAO We ascribe human attributes to the Infinite, that is because of our human limitations, but none can miss the point Return to me and I will return to you! The Lord was very angry at your fathers. Zechariah 1:2. anH wprp recocnized as one of the best airport control groups in the state.

He suggested that any dif ferences between the council ana the commission Probably resulted from not recognizing each other's problems. Mr. Lucas said he was not criticizing the airport manager or This is commission. a In Anothat Jam" The clerk-treasurer took the rnnr after rpcular business- of the for OUT OUR WAY By Williams tilths Council had been attended to and said: "The (state) gross "income tax man's been here and -the city's in another Jam." Ht reviewed a situation which appointment. If this is not done, he said, the office is technically vacant.

He said no oaths had been filed. "Do we have a commission?" Mayor Protests Mayor Heiwig protested that the law states such a situation shall be considered a refusal of the post and that commission members haven't refused their posts. "The law doesn't say that," Mr. Lucas said, "We don't know that" vif they haven't filed, they haven't complied with the law," Councilman Boicourt said. "We don't have a commission." "None have refused to serve," the mayor argued.

"By their actions they show they are serving." Mr. Lucas referred to a sale of buildings at the airport several months ago and said that the proceeds were in the budget but had never been appropriated. He said he had contacted the commission's secretary and5 had been unable to learn whether the group had consented to the building sale. He said he had contacted the commission treasurer and had been unable to learn how much money was involved in the contract for arose last ummer in which a ss i warrant was served on the city for back taxes of swimming Pool proceeds of 1945-46-47 and later withdrawn as having been served in error. Another warrant is forthcoming, he said.

The tax Christmas gift-giving will be remembered longer when you give a practical gift an electrical appliance. Saves work, brings new living convenience right into your Choose from this large selection of Hotpoint appliances. Lewyt Sweeper $79.95 Electric Irons $9.95 up Seymour Daily Tribune Iasuad every evening except Sunday Seymour Tribune Publisher JOHN H. CONNER Editor Manage! Entered at the Seymeur, Indiana Postofflce as Second Class Matter. DAILY TRIBUNE By Carrier One Year -H-M Six Months 625 Thr Month 1.23 One Week .25 runway lighting.

On the matter Single Copy ol the salary increase he had con RIBUNE By mail in ad DAILY 1 Kll tacted the commission chairman and' had been told that he had no authority over it. "Third Fiddle" "The city's playing third fiddle, bo said. 0 vance: Jackson and adjoining counties, one week, Z5e; three months. 11.75; six months, 13.25; one year. S6.00.

Elsewhere in Indiana, one week, 15c; three months. S2.00; six months, 13.75; one year. S7.00.. Outside ol Indiana, one week. 25c; three months.

S2.50; six months. S4 25; one year, $8.00. WEEKLY Jackson County, three months, 50c; six months, 75c; one year, $1.25. Zones 1. 2, J.

4, three months, 0c; ix months, BOe; ohe 'year. $1J0. Zones, 6, 7, three months, 80c; si months, tl.20; one year, $2 00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tha Associated Press tat entitled ex Electric Mixers $29.95 Electric Grills $7.95 up Pop-Up Toasters $19.95 up Electric Coffeemakers $6.95 up' clusively to the use for republication nf an the local news Drtnteo? in this Councilman Brackemyre raised the subject iof the "airport deed and' asked if anybody had ever seen it' V'-'. Mr.

Lucas said he "believed it originally had been made out to the aviation commission. Mayor Heiwig referred back to the of airport salaries and pointed out the council probably had approved a lump sum for labor plus a $5,000 or $6,000 working adtad thAt newspaper, as well as all AP newt CO BD; dispatches. Represeated nationally bf Inland Newspaper Representatives. New Ycrki 41 East 42nd St. Chicago, 640-42 Wrlslsv Blda Detroit.

1963 Penobscot 204 So. Chestnut St. Phone 1075 WOT A IM POCKET, OR MUCH IM Hl BEAlrJ. JRWlLiaK gUT IP ALL. I gWM TO BE HIM AGAIN Kansas City.

319 Board- of Trsde St. Louis. 1425 Syndicate Tru.

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