Red Bull Mind Gamers New 'MIND CHALLENGE' Site Launches with All New Tetris Game (2024)

November 07th, Salzburg, Austria

An all new version of a video game favorite, TETRIS® M1ND BEND3R, premieres today on the Red Bull Mind Gamers website and is available to play free alongside other mental challenges and games.

TETRIS M1ND BEND3R blends the much-loved TETRIS gameplay with new mind-bending twists that will test players in ways never seen before. When players clear lines that include a flashing Mino (i.e., a single block), they activate a M1ND BEND3R item that will, literally, change the game. From switching the pace of gameplay and making Minos fade away to making entire groups of Minos twist from one side of the Matrix to the other, TETRIS M1ND BEND3R is TETRIS like you’ve never played before.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have TETRIS M1ND BEND3R as part of the games we have on Red Bull Mind Gamers. The famous falling Tetriminos, the soundtrack, it’s all instantly recognisable, but when the M1ND BEND3Rs hit, they snap you out of your comfort zone mid-game and make you think differently,” said Matthew Radmanovich of Red Bull Mind Gamers.

“Red Bull Mind Gamers is all about challenging the brain and sharpening your wits. It’s about creative thinking, and giving your mind a complete ‘workout’, but it’s also about having fun doing it. This is why having TETRIS as part of this is such a perfect partnership,” he continued.

The Red Bull Mind Gamers site offers a wide collection of games as well as monthly challenges plus a test to determine the kind of Mind Gamer players are. Every game addresses a different facet of thinking across visual, logical, musical, creative, memory and strategy skills. Games have been created with some of the sharpest thinkers and most ingenious game makers on the planet from the Massachusetts Institute for Technology to Rubik’s® and independent game developers like Lost in the Garden and OK Bye. The concept was the brainchild of Vienna based, Playful Solutions.

Players can log in and register to compete against other Mind Gamers from all over the world and take part in new challenges every month. Players who enter all the challenges, including a final Red Bull Mind Gamers challenge, can compete to become one of seven global winners. In 2020, these ‘Ultimate Mind Gamers’ will be taken on a trip to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, USA, to take part in the Red Bull Discovery Lab.


  • Traditional TETRIS gameplay with a new mind-bending twist that will test players in ways never before seen.
  • Activate M1ND BEND3R items by clearing lines which contain a flashing Mino.
  • When activated, M1ND BEND3R items will introduce a wide variety of game-changing elements designed to challenge players in unique ways.
  • M1ND BEND3R items include:
    - BLUR – Minos inside the Matrix will fade away in a mesmerising wave pattern.
    - EROSION – Random Minos will disappear from within the Matrix.
    - FISSION – Groups of Minos on each row will split and move to the outer walls of the Matrix.
    - FUSION – Minos on each row will fuse together at the center of the Matrix.
    - INVASION – New rows of Minos appear from the bottom of the Matrix.
    - SHIFT – Minos on each row will neatly shift to the left or right side of the Matrix.
    - SLOW DOWN – The speed of falling Tetriminos will temporarily decrease.
    - SPEED UP – The speed of falling Tetriminos will temporarily increase.
    - TURN – Entire groups of Minos turn upside down in the Matrix.
    - TWIST – Entire groups of Minos twist from one side of the Matrix to the other.
  • Activating M1ND BEND3R items continuously will increase the multiplier which is key to earning a larger score.
  • If the stack of Tetriminos reaches the top of the Matrix, the game is over!

About Red Bull Mind Gamers

Red Bull Mind Gamers is a website that delivers a series of mental challenges covering the whole spectrum of mental agility. Memory, visual, creative, strategy, music, and logic skills are put to the test on the platform in a series of free games that includes the exclusive TETRIS® M1ND BEND3R, as well as Rubik’s Race. Gamers can challenge their own scores or register to compete against other Mind Gamers around the world.

About the Tetris® Brand

The Tetris® brand is one of the leading and most distinctive video game brands and franchises in the world. Now celebrating its 35th anniversary year, the brand continues to be loved globally by people of all ages and all cultures. Billions of Tetris games are played online every year, and over 500 million Tetris mobile games have been downloaded to date. The Tetris brand’s global licensee network includes major video game publishers, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Sega, as well as many partners in electronics, toys, apparel, lifestyle goods, entertainment and more. Tetris Holding, LLC, is the owner of Tetris rights worldwide, and The Tetris Company, Inc. is its exclusive licensee. For the latest information about the Tetris brand and Tetris products, please visit

Become a fan of Tetris on Facebook ( and follow Tetris on Twitter (@Tetris_Official) and Instagram (@Tetris_Official).

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Red Bull Mind Gamers New 'MIND CHALLENGE' Site Launches with All New Tetris Game (2024)


What does Tetris do for your brain? ›

The game's fast-paced nature and demand for spatial reasoning can contribute to a sharper, more agile mind. Studies have revealed that engaging with Tetris can increase gray matter in the brain, potentially leading to better cognitive function and enhanced problem-solving skills.

What is the Tetris effect research? ›

A study by Skorka-Brown et al demonstrated how visual cognitive interference such as playing Tetris can be used to reduce cravings for substances. Participants were required to play Tetris for three minutes a day, which reduced drugs and food cravings from 70% to 50%.

What are the benefits of the Tetris effect? ›

When we seek and focus on the positive, we are engaged in a Positive Tetris Effect, resulting in increased happiness, gratitude and optimism. And who among us couldn't use a little more of these attributes in our daily lives?

Is Tetris addiction real? ›

As anybody who has spent hours playing Tetris knows, it is an incredibly addictive game. Many people who play for extended periods of time have reported seeing Tetris pieces outside of the game, such as in their mind when they close their eyes, or in their dreams. It's a phenomenon known as the Tetris Effect.

Is Tetris trauma debunked? ›

Remember, Tetris is not a panacea for trauma. Intrusive memories are not completely eradicated by playing the game and PTSD includes several symptoms that won't improve via gameplaying. If someone experiences PTSD-type symptoms, they likely need professional help.

Is Tetris a Russian game? ›

Tetris, video game created by Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov in 1985 that allows players to rotate falling blocks strategically to clear levels. Pajitnov claimed he created the name of the game by combining the Greek prefix tetra, which refers to the four squares contained in each block, with the word tennis.

What is the Tetris effect mental health? ›

The Tetris Effect occurs when a task you do for a prolonged period of time starts to rewire your thinking and perception. It is caused by neuroplasticity, where the brain adapts and forms new connections based on behavior.

Does playing Tetris help with trauma? ›

Tetris, research shows, can be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the flashbacks so often associated with it. In a study conducted at Oxford University, researchers observed “that intrusive memories were virtually abolished by playing the computer game Tetris.”

What is the highest selling game of all time? ›

The best-selling video game of all time goes to the timeless classic known as Tetris. IGN says 520 million copies of Tetris have been sold, citing data from The Tetris Company.

Has anyone ever beaten Tetris? ›

Tetris had never been beat by a human, until 13-year-old Willis Gibson did it : NPR. Tetris had never been beat by a human, until 13-year-old Willis Gibson did it Before last month, no human had ever been known to beat the original Nintendo version of Tetris.

Does Tetris help dementia? ›

For dementia sufferers, the more complicated video games may be too much to learn and master, but the more basic titles—especially puzzle games like Tetris—can be a more stimulating alternative to watching TV.

Why does Tetris help anxiety? ›

“A lot of people find it to be really helpful. Especially people who have a really visual element to some of the symptoms they experience, turning to Tetris and being able to really sink into that game, even just for a couple minutes, allows them to feel a little safer and it really quiets their minds.

What can Tetris teach you? ›

By anticipating potential challenges and taking steps to prepare for them, you can build resilience and stay ahead of the curve. Another important strategy in Tetris is to be willing to rotate the blocks and adjust your strategy as needed.

Why does Tetris prevent PTSD? ›

It's fairly simple, really: manipulating the shapes in a game of Tetris interrupts the retention of the traumatic visions (that would go on to become painful flashbacks) in the sensory part of the brain.

Does Tetris increase grey matter? ›

Playing the classic puzzler Tetris increased gray matter in the brains of test subjects due to the game's complex cognitive requirements, researchers from Mind Research Network said this week.

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